WiFi Multi functional timer

Control your appliances easily


In this mode, the timer operates based on one of the programmed schedules. The connected load will be turned ON at the scheduled ON time and turned OFF at the schedule OFF time.


The connected appliance will
be turned ON and OFF continuously (Run Always) or in between one of the programmed schedules (Run <>) based on the programmed ON and OFF duration.


The connected appliance can
be programmed to be turned ON/OFF based on the sunset or sunrise.

Manual mode

In the on-demand mode or manual mode of operation, both ON and OFF event is manual. Connected load can be turned ON whenever
is needed and turned OFF at will.

Wifi Timer


WIFI Timer controller can be used to control any electrical appliances/loads in a predefined manner. It is an all-electronic, digital timer with no mechanical switches/buttons or controls. Timer can be accessed and configured/controlled from any smart
phone over its WIFI network. Unlike any other timer in the market, each timer controller is secured with a unique password to prevent accidental or intentional unauthorized access. Timer features a user friendly intuitive menu driven interface.

The timer controller supports many modes of operation to cater for diverse user needs. The following section describes each mode
and its operation. Furthermore, each mode of operation is persistent which means that the timer retains its settings across power

Chronological Timer Mode

Wifi Timer Crono TimerIn this mode, the timer schedule can be programmed using buttons and text boxes. The timer can have maximum of 16 schedules with week day selection and ON/OFF time selection for each of these. Clicking the Plus (+) button adds a new schedule and clicking the recycle button deletes a schedule. Once all the sixteen schedules are added the plus button will no longer be visible.
Cyclic Timer Mode

Wifi Timer Cyclic Timer Hydroponics TimerIn this mode, the timer can be programed to control the connected appliance cyclically based on the ON duration and OFF duration. Which one of the cycles (ON- On First or OFF – OFF First) should occur first can also be programmed. Further, the timer can be programmed to run this cycle continuously (Run Always) or based on one of the two schedules (Run <>).

Astronomical Timer Mode
In this mode, the timer can be programed to control the connected appliance based astronomical events sunset and sunrise. The timer will calculate sunset and sunrise based on the location (latitude and longitude) programmed. Further, the timer also supports both positive (delay) and negative (advance) offsets.
Semi-Automatic/Manual Mode

Semi-automatic and manual modes operation is grouped under pulse timer mode. 

In this mode, there two buttons that controls manual and semi-automatic operational modes. The first button controls the on demand/manual mode control of the device. Tapping the button toggles, the current status of the device from ON-to-OFF and vice versa. Second button controls the pulse mode timer value. For each tap, the timer value will cycle through 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m and 60m and then back to 1m. Stopping at any particular value will be taken as programmed value for the pulse timer and the connected load will turn ON in few seconds and turn OFF automatically after the programmed timer value.


Timer settings such as device name (SSID), password, time zone can be changed as per user preference. These settings are under settings tab. To change any of these values, type in the new value and save. When save button is pressed, device will prompt for current password. To keep any setting, leave that  particular field blank. A long press (more than 5 sec) of the capacitive touch manual button will reset the timer to factory settings.



Supply Voltage Universal Input 85-
Power Consumption <1W
Minimum switching
ON duration in pulse
1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and
Clock Accuracy ±2 sec/day
Real Time Clock
battery backup
2 years
Switching Accuracy ±1min
Relay Output 1 N/O with 6A
contact rating
-10oC to 55oC
Humidity Non
85% (RH)
Load Status
Web App – ICON
and text status
Dimension 105x105x60mm


Frequently asked questions

1.Garden/Street/Staircase/Parking/Portico/Hoarding Lights


3.Advertising Displays/Glow signs.

4.Air conditioners/Coolers, Geysers, conveyors

5.Siren, Bell applications Any other application that needs pre-defined schedule

There are 16 schedules. Which means per day we can program up to 16 schedules. likewise everyday we can schedule it.

Yes. We can use this timer in outdoor applications, because timer box is made up of IP65 (water proof). 

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